Photography: Noemie Tshinanga | Outfit: Vintage waterfall-ruffle spaghetti strap crop tank, Wide-legged Chiffon Trousers| Accessories: Caramel Rope bracelet, cloth, metal and ivory bracelets | Shoes: Black fringe from Forever 21

This shoot was extremely adventurous. We randomly discovered an old, abandoned barn with this beautiful rich, rusty-red color in our favorite Classic City (Athens, GA.) We thought that it'd be perfect for this look, since it would create such a rich color contrast with the all-black get-up. There were also some old train tracks within walking distance of the abandoned barn, an perk we miss out on :)  

Aida has on a pair of black palazzo pants thrifted at Rag-O-Rama in Atlanta. We were also extremely lucky to have come across this black chiffon crop-top with a criss-cross adjustable back. It's just so uniquely dainty and went perfectly with the pants. Just heavenly we thought.

So the most fun part we want to share is the cost of the whole outfit....It didn't cost us more than $15, believe it. 

Aida & Raychele

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  1. The top, bottom, shoes,hair everything is perfect! :D



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