Iris Lookbook: Mixed Religion

Top: Primark, Pants: London Market-from Nepal| Shoes: Underground | Glasses: Vintage
Headpiece: Rocklain eBay store

We are currently obsessed with these ΓΌber-comfortable, hand-made Nepalese trousers. We found them at a Vintage Market in East London this summer. Iris was on a hunt for similar Harem Pants, or better known as "MC Hammer" pants, and instead we found these loose, red, cultural trousers with black and gray, organic designs. They matched exactly what we were looking for and they turned out to be more interesting than a pair of mass produced Harem Pants from H&M. Nepalese clothing is generally loose, colorful, and decorated with vibrant cultural embellishments.  

The tank is from Primark; similar to a muscle tank, embroidered with dark gray beaded crosses. Paired with the limited edition black 'Creepers', this outfit is a total clash of styles and spiritual elements.  The entire look came from the hip clothing markets of London, UK! 

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  1. This is not new but only some people can switch and look good in that type of mixed fashion i.e. modern and traditional. Your body jewellery is beautiful.


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