Iris Lookbook: Pep Talk

Pep pep horaayyy! Corny, but so appropriate. Where we found this peplum top is kind of like one of those 'hidden secret' places, but because we love you guys we don't mind sharing. The peplum is from, an online store based in L.A. that has trendy items with a unique twist! They have a huge variety of fun bold pieces that will make you want to remodel your closet...seriously. It was Aida's brilliant idea to pair the red and black skinny tuxedo pants for this look to give it that bold cutting-edge sporty chic feel. The gold arrow trim on the boots went perfectly with gold spiked necklace from H&M as if they were made for each other. 

Also, peep the vintage Chevy El Camino in the background. It seems like it might have been manufactured in the early 70s or so. I'm sure the owner wouldn't have minded us snapping a couple pics in front his 'rad' whip. We had to, it made Aida look like a bad ass vintage Nascar chick. 

Here's the link to our hidden treasure,

Til' next time,

Raychele & Aida 

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