Iris Lookbook: It's Summatime in Br☼☼klyn

Top: Zara, Shorts: Vintage Levi Jeans| Shoes: Bridget (Jamaica) | Glasses: Vintage | Watch: Vintage

  We drove up to New York to celebrate a friends 22nd birthday and the highlight of the weekend was dinner at Madiba — an authentic South African Restaurant in the heart of Brooklyn. Madiba sits real quaint in Fort Greene, BK and offers a truly authentic taste of South Africa in an eclectic and home-y restaurant environment. The name "Madiba" is the nickname given to the former South African President, Nelson Mandela, a name which was actually taken from his clan. It's considered a true act of honor to refer to someone by the name of their clan. The walls are covered with art of Nelson Mandela and various other African sculptures infused with contemporary NYC street art. Overall, the ambience was amazing and the service was one of a kind. 

After the eventful birthday weekend, we decided to crash with Justin's cousin in Bed-stuy(*Bedford Ave + Stuyvesant Ave), Brooklyn, who lives in a gorgeous, historical brown-stone condo. Two words to describe this area: inspirational and liberating. Flooding thoughts of NAS and Biggie holding down Stuyvesant Ave. We'll call it our home away from home.

Photos were taken by Justin. 

Peace & blessings 

Aida & Ray XO

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